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AleGaRa (as in Alex, Gavin and Ralph) is a creative collaboration between three talented musicians who believe that music doesn’t always have to be purely one

style. Alex Parkmen, Gavin Beardsmore and Ralph Calefati make the worlds

of jazz and classical music collide in an expressive artistic explosion. Their

flawless high-velocity playing and formidable abilities behind the

instruments seamlessly blur the boundaries between classical and

experimental form, and just like friendship, music collaboration is all

about chemistry and connection. Not only these three musicians are in

harmony together energetically, they also draw upon each other’s strength

and emotional power to dazzle listeners with their brilliant technique

and mesmerizing artistry.

Alex Parkmen is an eclectic improvisational pianist and prolific composer.

Drawing on his classical training at the Kiev Conservatorium Alex introduces

elements of jazz, blues, and funk to create quirky, delightful melodies that are

distinctly his own. A former contestant in “Australia’s Got Talent” this

extraordinary pianist spends most of his time showcasing his talent across

Australia and around the world.

From starting out in the glam rock days of the 1970s, Gavin Beardsmore quickly

became part of the New Zealand touring band scene and since then has had a

successful career as a seasoned player and musician. Collaborating with New

Zealand’s top acts Grace Poole and Space Waltz’s frontman Alastair Ridell’s solo

project, “The Alastair Ridell Band”, has developed Gavin’s professional skills

immensely. Since then Gavin continued his musical education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He has been involved in various bands and musical

projects ranging from pop, rock and gospel to fusion and jazz.


Ralph Calefati Ralph Calefati was preordained for musical greatness. His Father,

an exceptional guitarist in his own right, placed the drumsticks in Ralph's hands before he could even walk. His two brothers quickly followed suit, setting the foundations for amazing family band. At thirteen Ralph would play regularly for his beloved Italian community, where even then his talent was immediately recognised. He spent the next few formative years in intense drum studying in institutions such as Sydney Conservatorium of music. Ralph made his professional debut playing in show bands, including the much acclaimed 'Here's to the Ladies'. a tribute to female musical icons such as Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli and Edith Piaf. From there he established himself as the go to drummer for Sydney's premier covers acts including Celebration; Fresh Mix; Tommy and the boys; Masterpiece; Soul Nights; The Kites and countless others. Ralph Calefati continues to be a familiar and indispensable figure in Sydney's gigging and recording scene. 



                                   TAKE FIVE                                            

                                        P. Desmond            

      Adapted by A. Parkmen, G. Beardsmore, N. Hoodman                   

              Live at Camelot Lounge, Sydney, Australia

                            PRELUDE in C Minor                                            

                                        J.S. Bach            

   Adapted by A. Parkmen, G. Beardsmore, N. Hoodman                   

              Live at Camelot Lounge, Sydney, Australia

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