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"I live to play and play to live.
         It is only on stage I feel my normal self"
                                                                    - Alex Parkmen

Alex Parkmen was born in Odessa, Ukraine. He began to study music at the age of three, encouraged by his mother, also a musician who played and taught both piano and piano accordion. 

At the age of six, Alex was acknowledged as child prodigy and was accepted to the famous Stoliarsky school for musically gifted children. After eleven years of studying, Alex joined Kiev Conservatorium where he was trained as both classical and jazz pianist. That led him to always wanting to combine the two genres, to experiment, interpret, and improvise. 

Now based in Sydney, Alex calls Australia home and performs in many venues, both solo as well as with other musicians, across the country. He also participates in various international music festivals. And at every performance Alex Parkmen delights audience around the world with his brilliant technique and mesmerizing artistry.

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